DAEGU, KOREA 24-27 June 2023

24-27 June 2023

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Welcome Message

It is our pleasure to welcome you at the Kyungpook National University Institute of Humanities Studies where the 2023 AAS-in-Asia Conference in Korea will take place. The Institute of Humanities Studies was established in 1973 as a Research Center of Human Sciences. Currently it houses 10 different research centers, including the government sponsored Humanities Korea Plus Project (HK+). The institute conducts research in all humanities fields, such as literature, history, philosophy, and linguistics. In order to establish more cooperation with institutions outside of Korea, the institute began an annual academic conference, building a network of affiliate institutions in various Asian countries such as China, Japan, Vietnam, and India. In its effort to promote Asian studies worldwide, along with the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, the institute is also co-hosting the Worldwide Conference of the Society for East Asian Archaeology in 2022.

As part of the Institute’s vision to play a significant part in the globalization of Asian humanities and support the humanities in taking a leadership role during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are delighted to host the next AAS-in-Asia conference in Daegu.

As one of the three largest Korean cities and with over 54 nearby universities, Daegu is a well-known city of higher education. In addition, with 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the local vicinity, the city is a perfect destination to experience Korea’s 5,000-year-old history and culture. Since traditional and contemporary cultures co-exist, we believe Daegu to be a perfect city to host international conferences.

Along with the city of Daegu, the Korea Tourism Organization, the Daegu Convention Bureau, and other academic institutions in Korea, the KNU Institute of Humanities Studies promises that AAS-in-Asia would receive the highest level of support to carry out the conference in Daegu in 2023.

We understand that the current pandemic has made it impossible for all participants to attend conferences in person, but we hope that we could soon share our research in a coronavirus-free world in 2023. We also wish to have opportunities to work with you for promoting humanities studies in Asia.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Jaeseug Yun


KNU Institute of Humanities Studies