OpenGLAM and Redevelopment of Japanese Studies

Title: 1215 | OpenGLAM and Redevelopment of Japanese Studies
Area: Northeast Asia
Stream: Information Technology
Presentation Type: Roundtable
Toshinori Egami, International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Japan (organizer, roundtable-chair)
Miyuki Date, Kyoto Prefectural Kumihama High School, Japan (discussant)
Yukihiro Fukushima, University of Tokyo, Japan (discussant)
Hiroyuki N. Good, University of Pittsburgh, United States (discussant)
Akiko Sawaya, Osaka Municipal Central Library, Japan (discussant)


This roundtable brings together researchers and librarians from university, high school, and public library to discuss the unique conditions in which OpenGLAM develops in Japan. To that end, the speakers will examine the current trends and issues on digitalization of Japanese resources from interdisciplinary perspective. The development and dissemination of digital archives and open data has had a significant impact on circulation of academic information and cultural resources in all fields. Many organizations in Japan such as Gallery, Library, Archive and Museum (GLAM) continue to digitize Japanese resources and publish them on the Internet. In addition, many individual researchers, experts, and even people from non-academic fields are also participating in practices that make academic and cultural contents widely available. While the shortage and inaccessibility of Japanese digital resources have long been a problem, the current trend is, as evidenced in OpenGLAM, making Japanese resources internationally discoverable and widely used. This discussion thereby aims to be an opportunity to reconsider the research infrastructure in Japanese studies in the face of the rapidly changing information environments.
Yukihiro Fukushima will situate the recent development of GLAM in Japan within a larger social context and discuss what the OpenGLAM movement can do now and should do in the future. Akiko Sawaya will probe on the open data of the Osaka Municipal Central Library’s digital archives with a particular focus on its effort to promote the open data to the users and the project’s prospects. Miyuki Date’s talk will introduce local community activities that aim to share local information through Wikipedia for community development and education. Hiroyuki N. Good will discuss the Japanese woodblock print collection at the University of Pittsburgh, particularly the challenges in generating metadata for online exhibits for researchers and students outside Japan.

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