DAEGU, KOREA | June 24-27, 2023

June 24-27 2023


2023 AAS-in-Asia FAQ


1. Registration

  Q. Can I modify my payment method in ‘Mypage’ on the website? (How can I change my payment method on ‘Mypage’?).
  A. I am sorry for your inconvenience. Unfortunately, the payment method cannot be modified in the 'Mypage' on our website. It has technical trouble in
    assigning new payment order numbers in the existing registrants. You will need to delete your previous registration so that you can re-register with a new
    payment method. Please let us know at the email address. (aasinasia2023@gmail.com)

  Q. When does the credit card payment system for domestic(Korean) registrants open?
  A. Thank you for your patience. The credit card payment option will be available in this Tuesday or Wednesday, within the early bird registration deadline.
    I am sorry again for the delay and please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you.

  Q. (Domestic) Can I wire transfer the registration fee as KRW?
  A. Thank you for your patience. Yes, please find the information on our website. We updated our registration fee with KRW and the bank account accepting

  Q. How can I get a confirmation letter?
  A. I am sorry that there is no confirmation letter, but you could find the receipt for your payment of registration with the signature of the president of 2023

  Q. How to register?
  A. Please register on our website referring to the following steps;

  [How to register for the conference]
    1) Login or create an account on the website. You must create a new account for registration. This is different from your AAS membership account.
    2) Click the tab ‘Registration’ – For domestic (Korean) registrants, please click ‘Domestic,’ and for international registrants, please click ‘International.’
    3) Fill in your information, choose the payment method, and click ‘Confirm.’
    4) For bank transfer payment, please wire transfer the registration fee. For credit card payment please make a payment. For now, only international
      registrants can pay by credit card only via Paypal).
    5) The receipt can be downloaded on ‘My page.’ – For bank transfers, it takes a few days for the secretariat to confirm your wire transfer and let you
      download your receipt.

2. Program

  Q. May the panels can presentation online?
  A. If a panel sends us a recorded video, then we can play it on the conference room. However, it is not possible for a panel to attend the conference in
    real time since there will be no technical systems for the hybrid conference.