General FAQ & Key Dates

Key Dates
  • Final Proposal Submission Deadline: February 10, 2020
  • Results of proposal review returned to authors: February 28, 2020
  • Full conference registration fees due for all presenters: July 15, 2020
  • Draft Conference Programme published online: July 28, 2020
  • AAS-in-Asia conference dates: Sunday, August 30, 2020 to Tuesday, September 01, 2020

The FAQ below addresses some of the most common queries IAFOR receives about AAS-in-Asia. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please contact

Proposal Submission

Basic Submission Questions

How do I submit a proposal for a conference?

For submission requirements, examples and additional details about submitting a proposal online, please visit the Call for Papers page.

Proposal Acceptance

How will I know that my proposal been accepted?

A Notification of Acceptance will be sent to you via email once your proposal has been accepted. A Letter of Acceptance can be downloaded via the “My Submissions” tab on the online submission system.

Why was my proposal rejected?

There are a number of reasons why a submission may be rejected. Your submission may:

  • be considered to contain unoriginal work;
  • not be relevant to the conference in question;
  • have language and comprehension difficulties;
  • not be considered to meet the standards required for presentation.

Submission Changes

Can I substitute a different paper after my paper has been accepted?

No. Your proposal was assessed and accepted based on its individual merits, and may not be substituted for a different proposal following acceptance.

Can I change the title of my proposal after it is submitted?

Yes – for title changes, please contact the IAFOR Administrative Office at Note that while your title may change, the content of your presentation must remain consistent with your accepted proposal.

Schedule Requests

How are presentations scheduled?

The Program Committee is responsible for scheduling presentations. Time and room assignments are to some extent based on equipment needs, and efforts are made not to have too many panels or workshops on similar topics competing in a single time slot or bunched together on a single day. Because of the complexity of putting the Conference Programme together and the large numbers of participants involved, it is not usually possible to accommodate requests for specific days or times.

The Program Committee will attempt to accommodate conflicts, but cannot guarantee a particular time slot. Scheduling requests will not be accepted after the registration deadline.

Can I request a day and time for my presentation?

Because of the complexity of putting the Conference Programme together and the large numbers of participants involved, it is not usually possible to accommodate requests for specific presentation days or times. We ask that you reserve requests for religious reasons or other exceptional and unavoidable circumstances.

We encourage participants to attend the conference each day in order to benefit fully from the experience. Scheduling requests will not be accepted after the registration deadline.


Presenter Rates

What are the presenter registration rates for AAS-in-Asia? Are there any discounts for registering early?

Please visit the Presenter Registration page for full details of presenter rates.

Registration dates reflect Eastern Standard Time (UTC – 5 hours).

When is the deadline for registration?

Conference registration will open in January 2020. Payment of registration fees is required of ALL PARTICIPANTS on accepted panels. All individuals attending the conference, including individuals accepted to present on panel sessions, are required to submit conference registration payment by July 15, 2020.
The names of panel participants WILL NOT appear in the Printed Programme unless participants are registered by the July 15, 2020 registration deadline.

Registration information will be sent to all participants at the time they are notified of their acceptance to the program.

I have to cancel my place at the conference. Can a substitute attend in my place?

Please inform the Administration Office in writing of your request, plus the contact details of the person who will be attending in your place. A substitution can then be made, and no extra charge or cancellation penalty is incurred.

I have to cancel completely, and a substitute is unable to attend in my place.

Please contact the Administration Office in writing in order to cancel the place fully. Cancellation terms will apply, and the service charge will depend on the date of your cancellation. Refunds will not be given after April 06, 2020. Please read our Terms and Conditions. The AAS cannot make exceptions for refund requests; including those submitted on the basis of denied funding and/or visa applications.

What is the “One-Appearance Rule”?

The AAS’s One-Appearance Rule applies to the number of times an individual is allowed to actively participate on a session. At this time, individuals are allowed to participate on only ONE panel session. This rule applies to all Chairs, Paper Presenters, and Discussants, and all session types (organized panels, roundtables, and workshops).

If I am not attending the whole conference, can I just pay for the days that I am attending?

A: Pro-rated registration fees are not available. We encourage you to stay the entire length of the conference.

Registration & Payment

How can I check the status of my registration payment?

After you have completed payment, you will receive an immediate confirmation email to confirm that your order has been received and it is being processed.

After your payment has been confirmed and processed by our Accounts Section you will receive an official receipt via email (attached as a PDF).

I need an invoice

If you require an invoice:
– Go to the registration page
– Create a registration order and fill out the billing details
– If you require special information on the invoice, please write in the “Additional Information” box
– Select payment by Direct Bank Transfer
– Our Accounts Section will check your registration order and send you an invoice by email

Can I get a refund?

If you need to cancel your registration for any reason, you must do so in writing by April 06, 2020, by contacting If you cancel your registration before this date you will receive a refund, subject to a 10% service fee. Requests for refunds for optional extras purchased separately from registration (conference dinner and tours) are subject to a 10% service fee. Refunds will not be given after April 06, 2020. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

My credit card was declined

All credit card payments are handled directly by either PayPal or Stripe.

If your bank or card issuer declined a payment, it might be due to one of the following reasons:
– you do not have enough funds in your account
– your card information (expiration date or CVC) is incorrect
– your bank or card issuer has restricted payments across borders
– your billing address doesn’t match the credit card’s registered billing address

For privacy and security, banks and card issuers can only discuss the specifics of a declined payment with their cardholders.

If you tried to pay via PayPal, you can contact PayPal directly.

How do I change Paypal’s language settings?

The language displayed on the PayPal site depends on your browser settings. If your browser language has not been set you will see the default language, which is Japanese. If you experience further problems please contact Our administrative team will then send you a PayPal request for the registration fee and attempt to set the language on the PayPal invoice to English.

How do I receive a receipt?

After your payment has been confirmed and processed by our Accounts Section you will receive an official receipt via email (attached as a PDF).

Can I download a receipt?

If you have a submission account or you are an IAFOR Member, you can view your conference registrations and download PDF receipts.
Go to My IAFOR > My Account > Orders & Registrations
If you registered without an account (guest checkout) and require an updated receipt, please contact

Can I update my Billing Address?

If you have a submission account or you are an IAFOR Member, you can update your Billing Address.
Go to My IAFOR > My Account > Addresses > Edit Billing Address

Can I update my Account Information?

If you have a submission account or you are an IAFOR Member, you can update your Account Information.
This includes your name, email address, password, position, education, and biography.
Go to My IAFOR > My Account > Change My Details

Will I get a receipt when I arrive at the conference?

A PDF receipt is sent by email at the time of registration. If you require any further receipt documents, please contact our Accounts Section before or after the conference.

What certificates will I receive at the conference?

Audience will receive a certificate of attendance. Presenters will receive a certificate containing his/her name and the title of the paper that has been presented.

Can I pay at the venue?

Presenters must register by the registration deadline in order to be scheduled to present.
We ask audience members to pay registration fees at least 7 days before the start of the conference. This allows conference organisers to prepare materials in advance. However, audience members can register upon arrival at the conference.


Session Chairs

What are the responsibilities of the Session Chair?

The Session Chair has several primary functions:

  • Introducing the session and the individual presenters, which may include affiliations, country and main research interests (speaker bios are provided in the rooms as an aid)
  • Ensuring that presenters present within their scheduled time slot and stick to their time limit
  • Facilitating questions and discussion after all papers have been delivered
  • Clearing the room promptly to make way for the next session.

Technical Information for Presenters

What equipment is available in presentation rooms?

All presentation rooms are equipped with:

  • Digital display screen or LCD projector and white screen
  • Speakers
  • Standard 15-pin VGA Male to VGA male cable
  • Mac Thunderbolt to VGA female cable
  • Wireless USB clicker

Participants are requested to bring their own laptops computers. Computers will not be provided for presentations. If you require a special cable or mains plug adapter, please bring your own.

Your presentation file
We recommend that you bring your presentation with you on a USB drive. As a precaution, we suggest sending yourself the presentation by email. MacBooks do not have a CD drive.

Wireless internet will be available throughout the venue and computers will be available for internet use in the base room. However, please do not rely on the wireless internet for your presentation.

Attending the Conference

Visas & Letters of Invitation (LOI)

What is a Letter of Invitation?

A Letter of Invitation is an official document which confirms a registration payment and extends an official invitation to the paid registrant to attend and participate in the upcoming conference. It provides you with an official reason to come to Japan. It may be required by your university for administrative purposes, and will likely form one of the documents required for visa application if you are from a country that does not have a visa exemption agreement with Japan.

For further information see our Letters of Invitation page.

Will IAFOR issue a Letter of Invitation to me?

Providing you have paid your registration fee, correctly completed the Letter of Invitation form, and sent it to, then IAFOR will issue you with a Letter of Invitation.

What is a Letter of Guarantee?

A Letter of Guarantee is a letter in which an individual or body agrees to be legally and financially responsible for you during your stay in Japan. IAFOR will not provide letters of guarantee.

Who will issue me a Letter of Guarantee?

You may know an individual or institution in Japan willing to act as a guarantor, or, if you have no connection with the country, Japanese immigration authorities may find that it is acceptable to have your university act as the guarantor. IAFOR cannot provide Letters of Guarantee.

How will I know which documents the Japanese Embassy will require?

If you are from a country that does not have a visa agreement with Japan, then it is likely that you will need a Letter of Invitation and/or a Letter of Guarantee. Please consult your local Japanese embassy or consulate for details, as requirements are often country-specific.

The Embassy/Consulate has denied my visa request. Can you intervene?

No. IAFOR will not intervene under any circumstances. For further information, please see the Visas & Letters of Invitation page.

Accommodation & Venue

Are accommodation and travel included in the registration fee?

No, accommodation and travel are not included in the registration fee.

How do I get from the airport to the conference venue?

Please view the Venue page for access information.


I am an undergraduate student. Can I attend AAS-in-Asia?

All undergraduate students with an interest in the AAS-in-Asia subject area are welcome to attend as audience members.