DAEGU, KOREA | June 24-27, 2023

June 24-27 2023



Located in the city center, the beautiful Kyungpook National University Campus and local neighborhoods are favorite destinations for both visitors and citizens of the city. The university is easily accessible. The airport, KTX station, and downtown are within a ten-minute bus or taxi ride. The main venue for the conference, the Humanities Korea Hall, is only a five-minute walk from the main campus gate. Conveniently located next to the Humanities Korea Hall is the Global Plaza. It serves as the perfect location for conference opening and plenary session.

Venue Location

Main Conference Venue: Humanities Korea Hall

Completed in 2019 and one of the latest additions to the KNU campus, the Humanities Korea Hall is designed to accommodate seminars, international conferences, cultural and artistic exhibitions and performances, as well as university lectures. With over 8,000 square meters of combined floor space, it holds 25 lecture and seminar rooms and a performance hall. Almost all the rooms are equipped with the latest digital equipment.

Rooms Uses Capacity No. of Rooms
Performance Hall Exhibition &
Coffee Break
310 seats (452.54㎥) 1 room
Seminar Rooms Breakout
Meeting Rooms
255 seats 1 room
100~120 seats 4 room
60~80 seats 5 room
30~50 seats 6 room
Vip Room,
Speakers Room,
Secretariat Room
10~25 seats 9 room

Opening Ceremony: Hyoseok Hall at Global Plaza

Built as a landmark for the university campus, the Global Plaza is the perfect space for the opening ceremony and plenary session. Equipped with the most up-to-date facilities for hosting international conferences, the Global Plaza has small and mediumsized conference rooms, lobbies, and a large conference hall that can accommodate more than five hundred people. For events with larger attendance numbers, there is a 1,837 seat auditorium. Newly remodeled as a cultural performance hall for Daegu citizens, Grand Auditorium is equipped with the la test sound and lighting equipment.

Rooms Uses Capacity No. of Rooms
Grand Auditorium Opening Ceremony &
Plenary Session
1,837 seats (3,002.39㎥) 1 room
Hyoseok Hall 517 seats 1 room
Hall I+II
Breakout Meeting Rooms 320 seats (divided into 2) 1 room
10 Seminar
12~80 seats 10 room
  Vip Room,Speakers Room,
Secretariat Room
10~35 seats 9 room