DAEGU, KOREA | June 24-27, 2023

June 24-27 2023


Official Housing Block

The fabulous city of Daegu offers an outstanding variety of accommodations ranging from five-star hotels to student dorms. Designated hotels near the conference site have been selected for your stay, provided at exclusive discounted rates. To receive the discounted AAS-in-Asia Conference hotel rates, we recommend you to book your hotel or dormitory during the registration process by using the special booking system, EDGE, below. Conference hotels cannot honor AAS-in-Asia pricing for bookings made through third-party sites like Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire or Hotels.com.

Hotel Name Hotel Grade Price Distance from
KNU (By Car)
Daegu Marriott Hotel ★★★★★ $193 / KRW235,000 2.8km (12 mins)
Daegu Grand Hotel ★★★★ $108 / KRW130,000 5.5km (18 mins)
InterBurgo Exco Hotel ★★★★ $123 / KRW147,000 2.3km (10 mins)
Eldis Regent Hotel ★★★★ $84 / KRW100,000 6km (20 mins)
Hotel LaonZena ★★★★ $76 / KRW90,000 5km (17 mins)
Eastern Hotel ★★★ $93 / KRW110,000 3.2km (12 mins)
Hotel NobleStay ★★ $112 / KRW135,000 3.2km (11 mins)
Toyoko-Inn Daegu Dongseongro ★★ $68 / KRW80,000 4km (15 mins)
KyungPook Univ. Dormitory $36 / KRW40,000

Make a Reservation

* This is the distance-wise map. (It is irrelevant to the actual location.)

General Announcement

Reservations are made on a first-come-first-served basis.
Early check-in & late check-out cannot be guaranteed, and there will be an extra charge.
The hotel list & room rates are subject to change due to local conditions.

Payment Information

The room rate only covers the room, and other options such as breakfast and extra mattresses are available as adding up during the reservation process.
The rates only apply to participants who reserve through AAS-in-Asia 2023.

Cancellation & Refund

Cancellation and refund policies are according to the rules of each hotel.
All dates are based on Korean standard time (GMT+9 hours).